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A ten million dollar Bat Mitzvah....
Give me a break!
Why do you think "David H Brooks" had a huge bash for his daughter's Bat Mitzvah?
HMMM, I wonder...TARGET

Please,Do you really think a person as successful as "David H Brooks" would be so ignorant to put that much exposure on his family and himself right before supposedly swindling millions from his shareholders. I am sorry, I don't believe it, not for one minute.

Beyond the obvious, "David H Brooks" is a man who has persevered his whole life to achieve success for himself and his entire family as well. He has spent years upon years of education, practice, patience, and persistence aspiring towards his dreams and goals. Those who have surrounded themselves with David H Brooks know that he is a stand up, compassionate, and very personable individual. "David H Brooks" has always cared for his very demanding family, as his father, brother, and mother have been very sick for quite some time and David has been there to support them to the fullest extent possible. David H Brooks' compassion does not stop there either, David H Brooks extends his gracious gratitude to numerous needy charities worldwide. He has obviously committed himself to caring for his immediate friends and family but also those in dire need of help worldwide.

This being said, Do you really think that "David H Brooks" would basically throw away all of those years of hard work in growing his enterprise and humanitarian relations worldwide with people, businesses, and charities alike just to cash out and look like an a-hole? I am sorry I don't believe it!

My opinion,
As with anything dealing with large amounts of money and the government, there are payoffs, corruption, and scapegoats or fall boys. The famous expression- "What goes up must come down", applies. Another prime example is Vincent James, the author of the 12 month millionaire. He was taken to court for running supposed scams only after building his empire to over 50 million dollars. Low and behold the government came in seized his assets and property, guess what, now his old place of business is a US customs warehouse. Eminent domain, I think not! A higher power beyond most peoples control,ABSOLUTELY!(unless your a politician)

All in all I believe David H Brooks either did not know what was going on in his business(as most CEO's don't) or he was coerced and threatened by a "higher power" into doing what was done.

Also, let's not forget about the media and how they spew there propaganda and brainwash all on the very simple minded people of this world. There is also a higher power affecting the media as well, this is how a lot of problems are started. Rumors and hearsay. What ever happened to proof and innocent until proven guilty? The media can make or break a person or business in a matter of seconds so something so powerful is DEFINITELY controlled by a "higher power".

In David H Brooks case, he was attacked by a reporter from one of the major news companies through malicious verbal and media attacks on his body armor technology. Does everyone know this lady was receiving some sort of kickbacks to slander DHB industries and David H Brooks' good name at the time? This was just the beginning.

Anyone that is in power or has oodles of money will be targeted by the media!
David H Brooks was definitely hung out to dry by unseen and unheard forces,
my only question,

What about Bernie Madoff?

"David H Brooks" had received 100 times more negative exposure than Bernie Madoff and coherts, hmmmm I wonder.....

Then the best part, all of these simple minded people jump on the band wagon and create a viral negative campaign against an individual that has done more good for this world than bad. People seem to forget the thousands of lives saved through his "not so defective body armor", or the lives he has touched and helped nationally and worldwide through his humanitarian efforts, not to forget that his positive efforts were all started before all of the negativity came upon him and his business.
So if the media wants to try and slander David H Brooks for launching a reverse PR campaign, he is not, open minded people have just noticed all of the good that David H Brooks has contributed to the world and they are sick and tired of the media and "unforseen forces" slandering a great man who can sometimes be best described as a living angel.